Founded in Milan in May 2004, the Association operates the Association operates in the field of the applied clinical research and aims the following goals:

  • Promote the use of G.C.P. (Good Clinical Practice) in clinical trials and relevant regulations (GLP, GMP, etc.) and national and international guidelines, where applicable, regardless of registration of the drug tested;
  • Assicurare gli standard di qualit√† nella pratica dei membri;
  • Ensuring quality standards in the practice of our members;
  • Represent the common positions of members on matters relating to clinical research before regulatory authorities both nationally and internationally;
  • Promote training for staff involved in clinical research;
  • Collaborate with other authorities and / or recognized Orders and Associations in order to further develop clinical research, particularly taking into account the safety of the drug;
  • Provide accurate information about clinical research through the media.