AICRO is the Italian non-profit association that today groups 30 Italian or foreign CROs self-accredited by AIFA.

Founded in Milan in May 2004, it is a member of the European Contract Research Federation EUCROF.

AICRO, operates in the field of applied clinical research and has the objectives of:

  • Promote the use of G.C.P. in clinical trials and other reference standards (GLP, GMP, etc.) as well as national and international guidelines, where applicable, in all phases of clinical research;
  • Ensuring quality standards in the practice of members;
  • Represent the views of members on clinical research issues;
  • Represent member companies before regulatory authorities both nationally and internationally;
  • Promote the training of staff involved in clinical research;
  • Collaborate with other competent authorities and/or recognized Orders and Associations in order to further develop clinical research, taking into account in particular drug safety;
  • Promote proper information on clinical research through the media.


Every two years AICRO organises a major one-day training event with leading experts to discuss updates on topics relevant to the clinical research community.

Several seminars are organised each year to support training on specific topics relevant to clinical research activity.

Since 2022, MYCROSCOPE, the AICRO training school, has been set up, designed to delve into the main topics of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards with the aim of training staff to enter the job market through a review of the cornerstones of research, useful for future practitioners.

Finally, we have structured several thematic working groups (WG):

Clinical Trial Centre (CTC)
Data Security-GDPR
National Contract
Permanent discussion table
Quality and Compliance
Regulatory Affairs
Study Center and Communication


  • To give greater strength to one’s voice through belonging to an authoritative association that values the work of individuals by creating a network of professionals in the same sectors;
  • Being present in national and international events;
  • To make the members known and give them visibility;
  • To be present at the negotiating table with public institutions, agencies and public bodies at national level and a representative, authoritative and strong point of reference in the world of Clinical Research for the CROs and for all the main Stakeholders;
  • Participate in working groups from which guidelines on often dubious and controversial issues emerge;
  • Participate in training courses/seminars, conferences and meetings with leading experts in the field at discounted and/or free rates;
  • Always be informed about new regulations through circulars, website, newsletters;
  • Use of the logo as an AICRO member, visibility on the official website, access to reserved areas of the website.
  • To be represented in an international context as an affiliated member of EUCROF, a federation representing and supporting the interests of CROs in Europe against regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical and health-related companies in clinical research and the scientific community.